Who We Are

Gloria McAdams
, C.N.C., N.D., originally developed the Breadmake program to introduce health and nutrition principles (high fiber, whole grains, low-fat, low-sugar eating) to adult learners, but when teachers invited her to bring the show to their schools she quickly realized the potential for using the activity as a on-site field trip at elementary schools, recreation centers, youth camps and church events for children and youth. Breadmake Magic Dough Show has proven to be a significant means of impacting the preferences and choices of children and of introducing nutritional concepts to staff and parent volunteers as well.

Meet Your M.A.D. Making a Difference Characters
Esther Arce-Reed (Aunt Honey)
is a native of Honduras and owner of Breadmaking EZ, a travelling workshop that teaches children the fundamentals of baking bread in a classroom setting.  Arce-Reed is an early childhood educator who has written and published curriculum guides for elementary aged children, promotes literacy to families and children, a YMCA administrator of early childhood and after school programs and a member and supporter of M.O.M.I.E.S T.LC. (Mentors of Minorities) promoting education for minority children.  She is a certified practitioner of Naturopathy and involved in Delights of the Garden in Washington DC promoting health and wellness for the community. 

Esther brings her experience and heritage to the book, Have you Heard of Purple Pastures, which she co-authored with her husband Raymon Reed.  Raymon and Esther together have 6 children.

Raymon Reed (Lil Ray) is owner and proprietor of Walking on Water Retreat Center, located outside of Buffalo in Rushford, New York.  In addition, Reed is the founder of WOW Inc. which offers both on and off-site health seminars, conferences, mentoring programs and various other empowering workshops.

Reed is a Cleveland, Ohio native and former track star at Saint Joseph High School located in Euclid, Ohio.  He attended Morehouse college and later, Howard University Divinity School.  A member since 1991 of KMT Asen, Inc, a fraternity based on African origin, Reed now serves as Chairman of the KMT Community Development Corporation. 

Raymon has also been recognized as a public speaker, a licensed minister and community activist.  He is the author of children’s book, Have You Heard of  Purple Pastures, partner in Delight’s of the Garden Inc., a raw vegan restaurant and a certified practitioner of Naturopathic medicine A devoted husband and father of six with a desire to ensure positive change through neighborhood enrichment.